Cell phone batteries
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(AT&T) Samsung SGH A117 - $25
(Boost Mobile) Cellular Phone - $25
Motorola C139 - Black (Cingular) - $15
Sprint SPH M300 - Black - $20
Cell phone batteries (used) - $5
Used cell phone chargers & Batteries - $5
T -Mobile LG GS170 - $25


Alltel LG Model #Piabax155 Lithium i0n 3.7v Battery
Alltel v1710 Motorolla Lithium ion 3.6 v battery
At&t LG Model#65146 Lg Li-lon 3.7v battery, complete.
At&t LG gs390go battery 
Audiovox utstarcom Model#cdm-891om Li-ion 3.6 battery
Blackberry 06860-004
Boost Sanyo Model#scp3810 Battery:Sanyo3.7v wh  100mah battery. 
Cingular Model#J220 Sony Ericsson 3.6V 
Cingular Motorolla Model# c139 3.6 Lithium battery
CingularMotorolla Model #v220 3.6 battery
Kyocera model cdma 3.6v battery
Metro Pcs Nokia Model #2125  battery b1-6c 3.7v
 LG               3.7v Li-ion     1000mah 3.7v     LGIP-520NV    JB
LG 3.7v 800 mab Lgip-410A  JB
LG Lithium Ion Battery 3.7V 1000mAh JB
LG Lithium Ion Battery 3.7V  1100 mAh JB
LG               3.7v lithium ion  800mah  0.3wh  LGIP-431A     JB
Motorola (boost)  3.6  lithium ion  JB
Motorola (boost)  3.6  lithium ion  JB
Motorola          3.6  lithium ion   JB
Motorola          3.7v lithium ion  880mah  JB
Motorola          3.6  lithinm ion    JB
Motorola         3.6  lithium ion    JB
Motorola         3.7  lithium ion  BQ50   JB
Motorola          3.6   lithium ion JB
Motorolla  model#0168
Motorolla Bc60 3.7 battery
Nokia             3.7   bl-5c  JB
Nokia             3.6   blc-2  JB
Noika             3.7   bl-5b      860mah 3.7v   JB
Page Plus Model# Lg vx8550 Lithium- ion 3.7vdc 700 mah 2.6 wh battery
Panasonic model#eb-tx310fswv Li-ion 3.7v 740mah battery
Palm Prixi p121eww Battery $10
Razor V3I Battery (Like New) $5
Safe Link Batteries Lithium Ion 3.7 V $5
Samsung        3.7  Li-ion       800mah 2.96wh (side way battery)  $8 JB
Samsung Ab463446ba 800 mah 3.7v   s/n:Lc3z327ds/1-b
Sony Ericsson Battery BST-33 Type CBA-0002005 3.6 v JB
Sprint pcs Model#Tr1100 lilon 3.7 battery
Sprint Standard battery pak Bmtc2901oL 3.7v 4.1wh  JB
T Mobile dash #g (New) $10 JB
T mobile Nokia Model#1600 (2)
T mobile BL-5c 3.7v Battery 3.7  (2)
Trac Phone batteries $5
Trac phone Motorolla model# Tfmtw376b battery Bq50
Trac Phone Motorolla Model #c139 3.6 Lithium battery
Trac phone Model# Lg320g 3.7 battery Lithium ion 
Trac phone samsumg Model Sgh-t105g (Tf)
Trac phone samsung 800mah 3.7 Lithium
Trac phone Samsung Model# Sgh-t101g (Tf)
Trac phone Samsung battery Sgh-t429
Trac phone samsung 3.7v Li-on battery
UTstarcom        3.7v lithium ion  850mah 3.7v    JB
Verizon LG model# vx4400 lithium ion 3,6v 
Verizon LG Model# Lgli Abtm li-ion 3.7 battery
Verizon samsung Model# Sch-A650 
Verizon Motorolla Bt60 battery
Verizon Motorolla Model#w315 Vln-07 3.7 v mah battery
Verizon Motorolla model# v325



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